We built StarMaker so that anyone and everyone could know what it feels like to be the lead singer of their favorite song. Whether you simply want to hear your own singing voice, or you have a voice that seriously needs to be heard, we've created a place just for you.

Sure, StarMaker has all the stuff that lets you create high quality recordings... but what we're really creating is possibility. StarMaker is your license to sing again, to practice a song until you nail it, to learn how fun it is to sing a great song. We've added studio-quality voice effects to help you sound better, and you can share your recording anonymously to the StarMaker community to see what people think... though if you work at it, we're sure that you can create a recording good enough to share with your friends on Facebook. After all, every one of your friends has sung along with their favorite song in the shower or the car. They may already be using StarMaker as their secret (or not so secret) weapon.

We're giving you back the power to sing. After all, the human voice is the only truly universal musical instrument.

We want you to feel like a star. And if you're really good, you might just become one.

Happy Singing!

-The StarMaker Crew